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Breast Cancer Specialist

Dr. Wakily is the Breast Cancer Specialist You Can Count On

Did you know that one in eight women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime? Breast cancer is a serious problem that impacts millions of people around the world, every single year. While breast cancer awareness is on the rise, many people still don't realize how important it is to see their breast cancer specialist. If you live in California, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Hussna Wakily a call.
Dr. Hussna Wakily was named the Top Doctor of 2019 for her practice in breast surgery and general surgery. Dr. Wakily is heavily involved in the medical field and she has been working at her craft for more than a decade. As an editor for publications like Surgical Endoscopy, Dr. Wakily is uniquely qualified to help you analyze the problems that may be manifesting in your life. Don't let breast cancer show up unannounced, consult with a breast cancer specialist like Dr. Wakily in order to stay ahead of the problem.

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