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Medical Legal Consulting

Turn to Dr. Wakily For Professional Medical Legal Consulting

Dr. Hussna Wakily is a surgeon from Oceanside, CA, with more than a decade of experience on her resume. As a Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Wakily is uniquely qualified to cover a number of different services for her patients. While she is focused on her work as a general surgeon, Dr. Wakily also has the skills required to assist in the complicated but important field of medical legal consulting.

Thanks to Dr. Wakily's extensive resume, she is able to provide quick chart reviews in a timely and efficient manner. After having fellowship-trained at Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Center in Boston, Dr. Wakily has been prepared to handle even the most stressful of situations. If you need medical legal consulting or healthcare consulting, simply contact Dr. Hussna Wakily's office today. Dr. Wakily has several awards and honors to her name that reinforce her skills as a medical legal consulting professional. 

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