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Medical Services

Health Comes First

As a licensed board certified Surgeon, Dr. Wakily aims to offer exceptional medical services in order to meet her patients’ needs.
She treats a wide range of general surgery diseases and pathology. Dr. Wakily offers minimally invasive and robotic surgery at Scripps Encinitas Hospital.

Doctor with Files

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will be for an initial consultation with Dr. Wakily. At that visit she will determine whether you need surgery and will discuss the variety of ways she can do procedures. Each surgery is individualized for every patient. She continues to advance her surgical skills by offering state of the art techniques, including robotic surgery

Preoperative Visit

During your preoperative visit Dr. Wakily will describe in detail the procedure, as well as recovery and expected postoperative course. Expect to have all your questions answered at this visit. Some patients may have their preoperative visit at the same time as the initial consultation if further testing is not necessary.

Nurse Making Notes
Hospital Corridor

Postoperative Visit

After surgery you will see Dr. Wakily for a postoperative visit. At this time she will evaluate the incision and see how you are doing. Any pathology will be reviewed and all questions will be answered.

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